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Stylized man bag

During my travels I have destroyed a great many bags. Four years ago, I decided that I had had enough. I had been through my share of several hundred dollar bags that didn’t make the cut. I had tried the standard brands, and although some of them were good bags, none of them were great. The average travel life of my bags was about a year and none of them were really the style I had in mind.

I wanted something that had a little from the old world in it, something that had a flare to it. I wanted something that was not only rugged, but convenient and practical. After my search led me to many dead-ends, I decided to design my own. I set out to create a bag with these things in mind:

  • Something tough with muscles.
  • Something with “brute” style.
  • Something that threatened people with its style.
  • Spacious and sized well.
  • Convenient, Easy to open, Easy to close.
  •  Something that would last.
  •  Made of high quality supplies.

My first bag was a popular brand name’s ugly brother. It was the “mongo” of the leather messenger bag world. I immediately took it half way around the world to Ireland on a test run. It surpassed my expectations! Of course being a critic, I instantly started thinking up ways I could make it better. (I am still discovering new ways to improve my bags every day). For instance; it was a bit heavy and a bit cumbersome and it lacked pockets. I still have that first bag. It’s still in good shape and can still be used, and on special occasions, I still load it up and take it out.

There have been many bags since then, and those experiments got better looking, more functional, lighter and more convenient. To me, a great bag is not only for carrying things, it is for adventure. Every scrape and every scratch in that first bag means something to me. There is a story inside of it, and it still has the smell of heather and lavender in it. It still has the ink stains from the pens I took with me and still has the Celtic knots that were burned into the front and sides.

Ultimately, a good bag is a companion. It is my goal to continually improve the quality of the bags I make and improve the materials; to bring the highest quality to the market, and provide something that will last. So, as you are looking, keep this in mind, and enjoy!


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